August 23, 2007

Minutes -- Tuesday August 23, 2007

Meeting location & time: KPlz 172 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Sunshine Carter, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

Work will begin on moving the Basic Access computers into the Multimedia Viewing Area (MMVA) of the library. Furniture needs to be rearranged and connections need to be established once the media viewing equipment is moved to its new location. Jason will arrange for a team of workers to help move the current cubicle dividers and tables. Paul will remove the signage to the MMVA.

Sunshine will continue to work with Rick Brill and Mary Olson-Reed on signage. The IC team decided to use the computer signage with the white background and the maroon print. A sign directing users to the Multimedia Hub will be designed and printed.

There is no news from Vince yet on the proposal.

Liz announced she will be the temporary head of Circulation for a one-year period following the retirement of Adele Krusz. The library will be hiring a library consultant to evaluation a possible reorganization.

A discussion followed on possible ways to move forward. Suggestions included a coffee cart, video kiosks, presentation rooms and writing & tutoring centers.

Next meeting: There are no more meetings scheduled for our group.

August 21, 2007

Minutes -- August 21 2007

Meeting location & time: L142 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin
Recorder: Rory Litwin

The Media Hub is fully operational in its new location. Full access machines have been moved to their new 3rd floor location but are not yet up and running. Mary Olson-Reed has a temporary office in the utility space behind room 119. Liz proposed using Adele's office as office space for Mary after Adele's retirement, also a temporary move. Basic access machines are ready to move into their new area after Sun Rays are moved out.

Rick Brill had ITSS's student graphic designer create some signage to designate Full and Basic access areas. This signage was discussed in relation to the ITSS branding that is on the signs, since the Basic Access signs will be identifying non-ITSS computers. The decision was to use ITSS's brand/logo only on the Full Access computers. There will also be green signs made for any equipment intended for public use (like the guest computers and the media viewing/listening stations that are moving to the 3rd floor).

We will try a Wednesday morning coffee and donut hole service in the Fall semester in the library, on the first floor. Liz will look into further relaxing food rules to make this possible.

Discussion of plasma screens to display information in the library. Jason talked about a system in place in the Twin Cities that we can buy into. We would use their server package, software, and support. This system would allow us to centrally coordinate multiple monitors.

Liz will send out our original attribute matrix from our site-visit preparation for us to use to brainstorm activities for moving the Information Commons forward without making architectural changes.

July 18, 2007

Minutes -- Thursday July 17, 2007

Meeting location & time: L142 9-10AM
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Sunshine Carter, Jason Davis, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

1. Computers
a. Plans are still underway to move full access computers from L119 to the third floor.
b. Sunshine will work with Rick Brill to coordinate computer signage efforts
c. How should we arrange the computers (basic access vs. full access; Macs vs. PC)

2. Results of meeting with Vince Magnuson and Robert Krumwiede
a. Liz and Jason will need to re-edit executive summary and send to Vince.
b. Our group will focus on the concept of the Information Commons and the services we would be providing
c. The name of the project is going back to "Information Commons" from "Learning Commons."

Next Meeting: Thursday July 19, 2007
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

July 12, 2007

Minutes -- Thursday July 12, 2007

Meeting Location & time: KPLZ 173, 9:05-9:55
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Sunshine Carter, Jason Davis, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed,
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

1. Recap
a. Liz and Jason gave an overview of what's been happening over the past two months.
b. On June 27, 2007, Liz and Jason met with Vince Magnuson and presented their proposal to develop a Learning Commons at the UMD Library. The proposal will be expanded and fleshed out more in the areas of cost and research.
c. On July 13, 2007, Liz and Jason will do a walk through of the library with Bill Sozansky, Vince Magnuson and Robert Krumwiede. Mary will work on a slide show of learning common photos to present during the walk through.

2. Multi-Media Hub Plan
a. Move Hub into L119 (try to use furniture already there)
b. Put full access computers from L119 on Library 3rd floor
c. Put multimedia viewing equipment into "lost triangle" area of Library 1st floor (tentative)
d. Put basic access computers into old multimedia viewing area

3. Moving forward
a. Reference will be consulted concerning types and location of reference services
b. Tentatively have Hub moved by Thursday August 30, 2007 (Bulldog Bash starts next day)
b. Compile a list of what equipment is moving where (UNASSIGNED)
c. We'll need signage for computer monitors (Full vs. Basic) and banners for 1st floor (SUNSHINE)
d. The logistical aspects of the Multi-Media Hub move will need to be coordinated (JASON)
e. Get move information into The UMD Statesman, whether advertisement or feature article (RORY)
f. Establish a meeting time between the group and David Beard (Asst. Professor, Composition), who has overseen a group of students working on a UMD Library learning commons project. (RORY)

Next Meeting: Tuesday July 17, 2007
Recorder: Sunshine

May 31, 2007

Minutes -- Thursday May 31, 2007

Meeting Location & time: L142, 9:05-9:55
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennett, Sunshine Carter, Rory Litwin, Paul Hanson
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

1. Multi-Media Hub
a. Brief review of field trip.
b. Liz will clarify with Bill timeline for moving Hub
c. Liz and Gordee will gather usage statistics for L115, L116, L118, L119
d. Is it possible to meet with ITSS at their Thursday June 7, 2007 meeting?
e. Very Tentative Plan?
-Put Hub in L119
-Put full-access computers from L119 into Multimedia Viewing area, L118 and in back triangle by bestsellers
-Put Multimedia Viewing equipment up on Third Floor (by microfilm readers)

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 5, 2007
Recorder: TBD

May 24, 2007

Minutes -- Thursday May 24, 2007

Meeting Location & time: KPlz 173, 9:05-9:55
Present: All
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

1. Communication Mechanisms
a. Rory gave a brief demonstration on how to post to the blog.
b. Rory will add e-mail notification and categories to the blog. He will also remove the test entry.
c. The ground rules were approved.

2. Gathering input from students
a. The student survey sub-group will consist of Liz, Mary and Paul
b. They are tasked with drafting a student survey, determining when the survey will be done and where

3. Next meeting
a. Meeting will begin at The Hub, after which a first and second floor tour of the library will be given.
b. Kyle presented color coded floor plans.

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 29, 2007, starting at The Hub @ 9AM
Recorder: TBD

May 22, 2007

Minutes -- Tuesday May 22, 2007

Meeting Location & Time: L142, 9-10am
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Gordee Bennet, Sunshine Carter, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin,

1. Communication Mechanisms
a. Rory will give a blog ( demonstration/tutorial at the next meeting
b. The UCal group alias 'libcommons' is now working
c. The e-mail alias 'infocommons' is now working
d. Communication to members outside this group will be determined as needed

2. Ground Rules
a. The ground rules for the LCPIT were developed.Download file

3. Preliminary Deadlines
a. June 1: Sponsors & Team Leaders meet with all potential stakeholders & report back
b. June 1: Submit a generic work order to FM for Phase 1 work
c. June 15: Rough out which resources going where and in which phase

4. Items for next agenda
a. Scope of potential AV check-out
b. Implementation plan
c. Communication plan
d. Student involvement: We will need to gather input from students. Next meeting we will work on the questions to ask and the technicalities of gathering input and forming a student group. Please brainstorm/research questions we should ask students.

5. Other
a. Rory will ask infocommons-l for comments pertaining to student input and questioning.
b. Rory will provide information for joining infocommons-l
c. Sunshine will ask web4lib-l for examples of student questionnaires.

Next meeting: Thursday May 24, 2007 in KPLZ 173
Recorder: Sunshine Carter

May 15, 2007

Minutes -- Tuesday May 15, 2007

Meeting Location & Time: LAnnex 250, 9-10am
Present: Liz Benson Johnson, Jason Davis, Gordee Bennet, Sunshine Carter, Paul Hanson, Kyle Harriss, Rory Litwin, Mary Olson-Reed

1. Introductions were made

2. The Team description & charge was reviewed

3. Ground Rules
a. Sunshine Carter will be the recorder
b. The minutes will be posted on the blog "UMD Learning Commons" (Rory Litwin will set-up the blog).
c. A quorum will not be required at meetings for decision-making moments
d. Liz Benson Johnson will run the meetings; Jason Davis will run them in her absence.
e. Ground rules will be discussed at the next meeting.
f. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in discussions

4. Set a standing meeting time
a. Meetings will be held every Tuesday (9-10a) and Thursday (9:05-9:55a). The Tuesday meetings will be held in Library 142 and the Thursday meetings will be held in KPlz 173.

Next meeting: Thursday May 17, 2007 in Library 142