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New Platform for Philosopher's Index

Philosopher's Index, the main indexing service for philosophical literature, is now coming to us on a different database platform than before, due to a decision by the library to switch vendors.

In my opinion, this is good news. I think that if you try searching Philosopher's Index on the new platform, which is by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and explore some of its tools you will agree that you can do more faster and easier in the database than previously.

One feature that I highly recommend you try is the "Alert" service, which is available under the "Search Tools" tab. This service allows you to save searches into a profile you set up and then emails you new results to your search as new records are entered into the database. This is a handy way to be quickly informed of new publications in your areas of interest that you might not otherwise learn of so quickly.

To try out the new CSA interface to Philosopher's Index, go to: