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Remember to spell the mayor's name correctly, if you can.

Future Post

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Happy Turkey Day!

Future Test

Is it the future yet?

And so then we were blogging

Here is a sample blog entry.  Not much content here.  Move along folks.

Water Lilies as a new entry

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Blog training dry run

This is for the blog training session this afternoon.  This is just a dry run to ensure that the instructions work.

Test Entry

This is a test entry on the History topic. 

River Talk

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Population projections and anticipated climate trends will require cities to engage with their rivers in ways that see the river as a social and economic asset, while enhancing ecological functions. The Mississippi is our home river, and the Twin Cities our "field school laboratory," but our consideration reaches across the globe. River Talk brings together a river-centric community of researchers, agency staff, civic leaders, students and more. Together, these experts and advocates offer perspectives on the work people are doing to create sustainable urban riverfronts in the 21st century.

The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and not necessarily of the Institute on the Environment/University of Minnesota.

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