November 15, 2005

Running notes

As Chad notes Saturday was a beautiful day for a longish run round Lebanon Hills park. I say "longish" because 96 minutes is not daunting at all but takes a chunk of time out of the day (1/16 of it. approximately).

I had wanted to race the USATF cross country champs, but a week out from a marathon probably not the best idea. It would have been a fun race, good spread of competitive runners testing themselves over hill and dale. Owing to travel I have missed the other cross-country opportunities round the cities this fall. The USATF champs used to be held 3 weeks after the Twin Cities marathon which, I suspect, reduced attendance. A 10km up-and-down cross country race is not for everyone 3 weeks after a marathon. So moving this race to mid-November was, in some ways, a good call to encourage more participation in a season-concluding race. Combining the mens and womens races into one was also a good idea. Few enough people running post-collegiate cross country in the state that it makes sense splitting up the races.

But ... but ... mid-November? On average, the second weekend in November does not see mid-40s, no wind, and partly cloudy (=perfect racing weather). More often than not, the second weekend in November in the Twin Cities sees rain, low 30s, and a cold wind out of the northwest (Canada!). That does not encourage participation. And what's with making the adult cross country champs for the state just 5km long?! 5km or 5000m is a great distance, on the roads or track. But grown men and women should be running 8km-12km for championship cross-country races. Just my cranky two cents worth on that!

My guess is that they moved the senior champs to this date because the 3rd weekend in October is too soon after Twin Cities, the next weekend is the MIAC championships, and then the first weekend in November is Rocky's Run, already well-established on the local race scene.

Maybe I can race it next year when the law of averages will see the first inch of snowfall accumulate on race day ...

Anyone still reading???

Posted by robe0419 at November 15, 2005 03:58 PM | TrackBack

I've added you to bloglines so I'm reading every post. While I found your site looking for running info, I also really like your perspective on all things US related. Also, didn't mention this before, but I'm from Minnesota so I like hearing about anything local since I live in Columbia, SC right now.

Good luck in Philly. Sounds like you have set a good goal for youself (from Chad's notes). I still plan on seeing you at the Boston starting line.

Posted by: Dylan Wiek at November 16, 2005 09:54 AM
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