June 1, 2005

Random reflections from the road

I am back from the jaunt to Buffalo (NY) (not Buffalo, MN which one friend who has clearly lived too long in the state of Minnesota thought).

More random observations from the road may follow at a later date, but for now ...

  • Putting freeways through the middle of cities has ruined many an American city. Unfortunately after the fiscal bonfire that was the Big Dig the chances of similar projects along the Lake Erie shore are slim to none.
  • The Buffalo marathon and half-marathon. So much potential. Not quite complete follow-through. First time in years and years that I have been sent the wrong way in a race. The mile markers were vaguely accurate otherwise. Nice t-shirts. The race was marshalled, not by volunteers with some interest in the sport, but beefy cops (some smoking cigars!) who were probably getting paid too much for the indolent way they carried out their task.
  • At Ryan's Steak House in Elkhart (IN) there were signs in the men's toilets that said "Ask how your church can become church of the month." It wasn't clear to me whether they were being supportive of religion, or by the placement in the toilets, slyly dismissive ...
  • The Wisconsin Union Terrace. Could it be more perfect than to be having lunch on a day when it was sunny, calm, 72°F and we were able to get a table right near the water?
  • A vacation from news is a good thing every now and then. And then to turn on NPR again the day Deep Throat was revealed. Good timing!

I trust all regular [American] readers enjoyed their Memorial Day holiday, and readers elsewhere enjoyed whatever Bank Holiday or Queens Birthday (observed) they might have had.

Posted by robe0419 at June 1, 2005 10:00 PM