March 29, 2006

Stuff I've learned

They say you learn something every day. Here's some stuff I've learned already this week

  • Titles like "A Brief Response to X's Response to my Response to his Response" beg for the English language to include some kind of exponential punctuation symbol.
  • Department stores used to make very sure that men could get in and out of the store without seeing "poofy" (I quote from an actual publication aimed at department store owners) departments like cosmetics. That was a good idea.
  • I have no doubt that Ron Daws' suggestions about heat training—overdress in early spring runs to acclimatize before it really gets hot—are sensible and beneficial. But it's not a lot of fun struggling with the temptation to take off your hat and jackets when it's 45° and sunny.

Posted by robe0419 at March 29, 2006 2:19 PM