May 18, 2006

Ariel Sharon wants to give me money

Mr. Cardello Ian writes:

Dear Friend, This may come to you as a surprise, But I plead your indulgence to listen to me and get this important details. I am from the Hadassah hospital where I serve as the director of operation. I am by name Dr. Cardello Ian . As you may be aware of the situation on ground as regard the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


He has disclose to me a personal savings which he has managed to put together to run the up coming election before it sudden stroke of 4th January 2006.

In the case of Sharon's illness, however, he has been declared permanently incapciatated and elections has already occured.Thus, the need for the fund transfer.

He has given me the order to look for a reliable personnel of your calibre to assist him in reprofiling a certain amount of funds which is undisclose at the moment.

As soon as I get your willingness and confidentiality to forge ahead in executing this transaction, I will let you into confidential information on how to execute the transaction. Meanwhile, Be aware that the percentage sharing of the fund will be divided in this manner, 30 % will go to me and you will get the same 30% . The wife and children goes with 30% while 10% is used for any expenses we may incurred in the process of transfering the funds to your account. Thus, I am thanking you in advance for your cooperation in finalising with this transaction swiftly.

Now, that is very creative. But who would be silly enough to believe that kind of thing?

Posted by eroberts at May 18, 2006 6:21 AM