May 9, 2007

15 minutes of fame

Still in the pool. I hope to be cleared to resume "terrestrial running" soon ... dissertation off with its readers for the moment ... I have more time to aqua run. The goal is to do the equivalent of a hundred mile week in the pool this week. In the pool you can do this in singles since there's no impact stress. There's only potential boredom, and I solved that one long ago. In fact last night I did 2 hours, barely 12 hours later I did another 2 hours. On dry land I'm not sure that I'd ever contemplate doing 16-17 miles in the evening and then getting up early to do it again. Sure, I'd do it that was the way to get the workout in, but not an ideal arrangement.

Anyhow, I spend a lot of time in the pool bobbing up and down and taking up a lane that could otherwise be used by actual swimmers. A part of me feels a little guilt that I cannot back up this assertion with records, but I firmly believe that the swimmers come in, see me, look at the other lanes, and only choose to double up with me if the swimmers they would have to share with are large or clumsy.

When I go to the pool I'm squinting a little since I don't have my contact lenses in, nor my glasses on. I have the delusion that affects every partially sighted person—if I can't see other people (very well) they can't see me.

It's a delusion. One of the lifeguards (at least) must recognize me, because last night she said "Do you run marathons?"
"Yes, I do," I replied.
"I thought so, I saw your photo in a magazine, a little local magazine ... [trying to think of the name]
"Twin Cities Sports."
"Yes, that's the one."
"Well, now I have a stress fracture!"
"Yes, it's so lovely outside for running you'd have to have a good reason for running in the pool."

My next post-dissertation-to-readers ambition is that I'll write a semi-intellectual blog posting on some matter of historical or political importance, rather than aqua running.





Posted by eroberts at May 9, 2007 3:18 PM