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Structure Analysis: Psychologist's Stabbing

"Man is Sought in New York Psychologist's Stabbing" is an update to a stabbing First Reported early Wednesday morning.
The reporter, Al Baker, summarizes the crime and adds new information available. Baker summarizes the event in the lede, then adds an update before explaining what is known about the crime. The following is an outline of how the story is structured:

¶ 1 Lede: What happened, when, where
¶ 2 Update: What police know and are doing
¶ 3 Why suspect was at crime scene
¶ 4 What happened when he arrived at crime scene
¶ 5 Description of the crime
¶ 6 Description of the crime scene
¶ 7 Additional description by a witness
¶ 8 What police know about the suspect
¶ 9 How police are investigating it
¶ 10 Quote from Police
¶ 11 Physical description of suspect
¶ 12 Information about how the suspect got to and from the crime scene
¶ 13 Details about the exit from the crime scene
¶ 14 Details about evidence
¶ 15 Details about an eyewitness

This ordering is effective, because if you are familiar with the story, you know what's new by the 2nd graf. If you don't' know what happened, you get filled in in 5-7 before getting the other details. The information at the end is not as important, but gives you a good picture of how the crime happened.