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Dirty Water

The Startribune ran a story today on the 3M chemicals found in the water in Cottage Groove. The Minnesota Department of Health has ruled that 3M caused the contaminated water in Cottage Groove and few other neighboring suburbs.

The health department found perfluorooctanoic acid in Cottage Groove's local water well. This chemical is manufactoried by the 3M company. The chemical was also found in 2004 in Oakdale and Lake Elmo, officials thought they had contained it to that area.

Perfluorobutanoic acid have been found in human bodies, at a low level the chemicals are harmless. 3M has been int the hot seat since 2002 when officials conducted tests around the Cottage Groove site, Oakdale site, and Woodbury site. They concluded on May 11th, 2007 that 3M would pay millions of dollars to get these areas cleaned and save for the residence that live there.

Even though the chemical was detected, it has been at such a low level that it hasn't caused any server harm over the 50-years that it has been in production by 3M. But finding it at a new site gives officials concern on the well being or residence and they have decided to distribute bottled water. The acids can cause cancer to people that are exposed to it.