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Illegal Residence

The Associated Press ran a article on the Senate defeat of the immigration bill. President Bush wanted the bill to pass but it feel 14 votes short of being vetoed by the president. I has been said that there are around 14 million illegal residence in the United States.

The bill that Bush wanted to pass in the Senate, would have made it easier for illegal aliens to gain citizenship. The illegal immigrant would have to go back to there home country and would receive a visa shortly after so that they would be able to return to the State's legally.

The bill would have changed everything when it came to individuals immigrating to the State's. It would have bettered the border security and helped with the process of finding illegal immigrants. The president has made it a personal issue to get the bill passed, but his persional push feel short. Bush had tried pushing the bill last year but it was pushed to the side. Bush stated that he was very disapointed that the bill didnt go through and beliefs that it is a set back for the country.