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Los Angeles California is home to a hospital that has been named "King Killer" by it's past patient that survived their terrifying visit to. Martin Luther King Jr.- Harbor Hospital which has been labeled as a troubled inner city hospital with an incompetent staff.

A woman named Edith Isabel Rodriguez was one of the patients that visited the hospital and stayed. Rodriguez was having unexplainable pains and went to hospital to see what was wrong with her and possible receive treatment. After checking in at the emergency room desk, she waited for help for over 45 minutes. She began to vomit blood and was suffering from bodily pain. Still the receptionist refused to give her immediate medical attention.

Rodriquez's boyfriend Jose Prado asked hospital employees and police officers to help his girlfriend, both refused. The police officers ended up arresting her after finding out that she had a warrant out for violation of parole. When the police officers took into custody she was still vomiting blood and ion dyer need of medical attention. Rodriquez ended up dying in the hospital lobby, she was only a few feet away from doctors help. Rodriquez died of perforated bowel, which could have been treat with a simle opperation.

The King/Harbor hospital has been in the news since its opening after the aftermath of the Watts Riots. The hospital was meant to be a helping factor of the survival of the neighborhood it was build in. The hospital has had a history of medical malpractice lawsuits and unexplainable deaths.

In recent news, hospital officials have been removed from there positions after the death of Rodriguez.