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3M Wins in Court

In the Startribune as well as the Pioneer Press I found more coverage on the 3M saga. The first entire I had on 3M, focused on the chemicals that officials found around the 3M factories. The documents that were disclosed to the media and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency were given to them by mistake.

The entry that I wrote about 3M focused on studies that were done by 3M scientists in the 1980s. The scientists found that the water and soil around the 3M factories could possible be contaminated with chemicals that were found in 3M products such as Scotchgard and Teflon. The scientists weren't sure if the chemicals would be harmful to the environment but knew that with more research they would be able to find out.

The documents that had this information were obtained by the plaintiffs attorney's that are suing 3M over being exposed to these chemicals. The documents were given to the attorneys by a judge under a confidentaility order as part of a Washington Coutny District Court lawsuit. The documents were mistakenly given to the Startribune and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The attorney's asked for the return of these documents from both parties.

The documents werent given to the Pioneer Press, but they did state in this article that the plaintifs legal team whited out the word confidentiality before the made copies and distibuted them. The court ruled that the attornies pay 3M $86,894.