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Bush continues to reject troop pull-out in Iraq

In the New York Times as well as the Chicago Sun-Times report that even though the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a with drawl, President Bush doesn't want to withdraw until he receives a more in dept report about progress in Iraq (in September). The house voted that U.S. troops will begin withdrawing from Iraq in 120 days from today's vote.

The entire process should be completed by April 1, 2008. The president had threatened the house with a veto if they were to pass the with drawl. The president has received a statues report on Iraq, which states that the "security situation in Iraq remains complex and extremely challenging". The report also state that Iraq officials have made postive strides by making 8 if there 18 goals that were set by congress. The president believes that with time will come success, he also said that the house shouldnt be worried about running the war but about funding the troops. Representatives voted in favor of a with drawl of troops, with a limited residual force to trian Iraqs and to protect U.S. assest.

Some representatives are afraid that the Iraq government doesnt have a capable pole of leadership and as a result is headed into a dangerouis direction.