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Vick and Dog Fight Club

In the USA Today and the Chicago Sun-Times I was able to read up on Atlanta Falcons Micheal Vick, who was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges linking him to illegal dog fighting at his Virginia home. Vick and three of his friends are facing charges of competitive dogfighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines. Because they crosed state lines they are facing federal charges.

The court document states that Vick and his friends started a dog fight club called "Bad News Kennel" in 2001. The dogs would fight each other and it the fight continued until one of the dogs was dead. The men are said to have been involved in gambling on the fights and buying, transporting and receiving dogs so that they could train them to fight. The men face a 5-year prison sentence and a $350,000 fine. The media hasnt been able to gain any information from the Vick family or Vick's attorney. The case that has been brought against Vick is very embarsing and has been a big blow to the Atlanta Falcons and NFL said Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesmen.

Vick's cousin was picked up by police and they found drugs on him. The cousin then gave police Vick's Virginia home adress as his place of residence. Police obtained a search warrent and they conducted the search they found evidence of a illegal dog fighting ring. Vick denied any knowledge of the dog fighting and blamed it on family members.