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Gophers Get the Boot

In the Startribune and the Pioneer Press ran a story on the four Gopher football players that were kicked of the team for being involved with a sexual misconduct investigation. Dominic Jones is the only one that has been official charged by the State for engaging in a sex act with a woman that wasnt responsive or able to move. The other three players involved were arrested last April for questioning but were released.

Tim Brewster dissmissed the players because he believed that they violated team and school code of conduct rules. The players dismissed were Dominic Jones, E.J. Jones, Alex Daniels and Keith Massey. The four men still ahve there scholarship and can still attand classes at the U of M, but school officials say that there statues with the school can also change. School officials had a meeting and decided that it would be in the best interest of the school to dismess the men from the team. After the court complaint of Jones was made public it caused the school to move quickly to make a decision on the future of the four players with the University.

E.J, Jones's attorney (Jeff Degree) believes that when the three other players were labeled as suspects, by Mike Freemen of the Hennepin County Attorney Office, they were going to be dismissed from the team. Degree also thinks that the players are witnesses and not suspects.