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Minneapolis bridge gives way

In the Startribune and the Pioneer Press (also national media outlets) covered the breaking news on there websites of a local bridge collapsing into the Mississippi. The bridge, which located on I-35W and the dinkytown neighborhood, collapsed around 6:05 Wednesday evening during heavy rush hour. There are said to be around 30-50 cars in the water, 7 people have been proclaimed dead, 35 people are injured and 20 people are missing.

Governor Tim Pawlenty released a statement to the press saying that "This is a catastrophe of historic proportions for Minnesota.". R.T. Rybak and Amy Klobuchar are returning from Washington to asses the damage of the collapse.

The roads were already busy because of rush hour but the traffic was heavier then normal because of a Twins baseball game. Tomorrows Twin game has been canceled and postponed for another day.

A lot of the coverage is based on eye-witness accounts from motorist that were on the bridge as it collapsed. St. Paul Patrol believe that 30 to 50 people were injured and taken to hospitals around the Twin Cities. They also told the press that up to 20 people are missing. Construction workers that were working on the surface of the highway, all went into the water and one of the construction workers is still missing.

The bridge was 40-years- old and the cause of the collapse is still unknown. Rescue workers will continue searching for survivers tomorrow when they have day light.