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Here's an unusual approach to content layout of a website.
Essential Design's Website

We're all accustomed to scrolling up and down to view content of webpages. This company decided to take a massive design risk and design their page from left to right. Once you start clicking on links, and using the navigation at the top of the page, you soon realize that you never leave the page. You're guided to another part of this huge 'timeline'. Links within pages of this timeline load right in the page itself.

I'm a big fan of experimentation, and I am happy to see this. However, I personally can't see this catching on. I've viewed this page numerous times while writing this blog post, and still I don't feel like sitting down and reading it all. Not because of laziness, but because it's breaking the way I've been conditioned to view web content. Vertical layouts almost force you to read as you scroll, but horizontal layouts let you keep on scrolling.


You can legally look at the site to get ideas on layout and color. Just flat out copying every detail though does go against copyright law.

write this great post. I am still new to web design, but I am sure these websites are very good resources I will need it in the future.

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