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For our first project we were required to create a virtual avatar that represents us, and our own style of art

One of my greatest interests in the art and design world, is video game design. I've taught myself skills needed for just about every position on a typical game developer team. For this avatar project, I choose to represent a profile view of my face in untextured polygons. I decided to keep it "raw" looking in order to give the viewer the idea that don't just associate myself with the 3d modeling world, but create them too

I used 3D Studio Max 9 to do all the actual modeling, then Illustrator to vectorize the image for printing.

The final image:

These pictures of my face were used as reference within the software. For these kinds of images, it's extremely important that the two angles are exactly proportional to one another. Professionals typically have a system of mirrors set up around their actor to ensure perfect accuracy. I'm not fortunate enough to have this set up, so I had to wing it

My original concept for this project included my body as well, but I decided not to use it, and to focus on modeling the profile of my face instead. Because I focused on only the profile view of my face, it does not look accurate from the front. Here are two screen captures:

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