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Here's some of my first visual concepting for my game, Symbiote

A game consists of much more than what can be seen. Symbiote began as a piece of paper littered with nouns and adjectives. A rigorous and analytical process of refining what it is players do when they spend time in this world. This is usually referred to as the "gameplay".

Now that I'm finally nearing the end of that phase, it's time for me to switch to the other side of my brain. I took a look at the original adjectives that defined how the game plays, and translated them into something that can be seen. I also wanted to fight against the grungy monochromatic palette popular in games today.

I settled on a simple, warm, undersaturated palette.

I then wanted to see these colors used some what in context to how they'd be used in the game:


The previous image also shows my first concepts for characters. I prefer to 'sketch' in pixel art so that I focus only on the color and simple outlines, and nothing else. Pixels are the most basic visual unit of digital art, and are helpful in early concepting

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