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News (world) for 11/26

An article titled: "Deadly riots break out in Bolivia after approval of draft constitution," was posted on the Star Tribune website.
Two people died, including a police officer after a riot broke out in Surce, Bolivia Sunday. President Evo Morales allies approved the new framework for a constitution that would allow Morales to be reelected indefinately. Morales said the people would be allowed to vote on the constitution, but a day for the vote was not given. The rioters attacked police and broke into a jail letting 100 inmates go.

The article said the new constitution could alter Bolivian politics radically, but he or she never said how. I wish the reporter would have gone into detail or at least have given some examples about how the politics could be altered. I think its poor reporting to give a very general statement like that and then not back it up with supporting evidence or detail.

A similar article was written in the London Free Press.