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News (national)

An article titled: "Evel Knievel dies at 69," was posted on the Star Tribune website.

Knievel died Friday at his home in Florida from natural causes. Knievel has been suffering from recent health problems and he had two strokes last year.

Knievel was known as America's first daredevil and famously jumped his motorcyle over many different types of famous obstacles. Knievel enjoyed the limelight and in the article friends of Knievel said they were suprised that he lived as long as he did.

I thought the lede of this article was very interesting: "Evel Knievel is dead." It is not the standard standard obituary lede. I kind of like it though because it goes on to mention some of Knievel's most memorable wrecks. This is fitting because Knievel is remembered for his failures just as much as he is remembered for his successes.

The article was also posted on the CNN website.