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Reflections: How to Become a Technology Integrationist (Hughes)

As I reflect back on this article, and our discussion in class, I recall the discussion of some of the criticisms of the theory: specifically, that "Technology Knowledge" should be an independent category at all.

On one hand, I can understand the criticism, out of the three categories, TK is the most fluid. As was mentioned in the article, overhead projectors could at one time be included in this category, but no longer so. Likewise, one day e-mail may no longer be considered TK, but merely something that is essential to the teaching/learning process.

However, as is stated in the article, the purpose of the framework is to provide a "formative self-evaluation" instrument for teachers. Therefore, the TK category is a necessary category. The level of technology integration by a teacher cannot be assessed without consideration to technologies available.

Overall, this framework is also useful for those who are attempting to encourage the Luddites of education to expand their tech knowledge by providing a framework when discussing the advantages of incorporating technologies into their teaching practices.