May 7, 2008

Service Learning Journal #8

April 30-I did the ESL training and it was very informative because I learned many ways to convey information to a tutee. I thought the videos were interesting because it would tell you the things that u r not suppose to do. The one that I liked was when a lady was working with a student, but was basically distracted by her cellular phone and answering the questions for the student. I also enjoyed pretending that I was one of the ESL students and learned their language by answering questions like learning the body parts. Overall I learned about how to tutor someone whose first language isn’t English and having the patience to work with them. Also I will use some of those skills in dealing with people who do not know or understand English. This whole experience of volunteering was rewarding, not because of what the students learned but what I learned from them.

Service Learning Journal #7

Feb 17-Today I went to volunteer, but nothing much happen except I tutor a girl in reading and comprehension. It was cool because I was able to help her and I had fun finding out about the things that she wanted to do in the near future.

Service Learning Journal #6

April 16-Today was interesting because I helped the same guy that I usually tutor in math. I really enjoy helping him because I love seeing someone work through a problem and really understanding it. Whenever he gets a problem correct I get excited for him. We also talked about what he wanted to do when he graduated from school and he wants to go to college. It was a good conversation because he asked me questions about going to the “U? and he possibly will apply; I don’t know, we’ll see. It was really cool talking with him about something other than school.

Service Learning Journal #5

Mar. 24-Today was the same routine and I just tutored a girl in history, a boy in world history, and another girl in reading and comprehension.

Service Learning Journal #4

Mar. 12-Today tutoring nothing really happened; I just tutored and then went home. I really do not have anything else to say.

Service Learning Journal #3

Mar. 5-Today was tough with my classes and homework, so I am not in a good mood; but I know I cannot show it at tutoring. Once I arrived at the tutoring center someone needed help with math and the person that was tutoring him didn’t know how to do math, so we switched tutees. I think it was basic algebra, but it was rewarding to be able to help someone. Actually through this class and the volunteering I have decided to change my major to Global Studies because through this major I can help people.

Service Learning Journal #2

Feb. 27-Today is my second day coming to the tutoring center and I have a sense of easiness, compared to my first time. Actually it was a little difficult because I am working with Somalian teenagers and it is hard for me to understand what they say sometimes. Anyways I was working with a girl that was working on her reading and comprehension skills. She could not understand me and I could not understand her, so I had to stop and regroup. I also had to figure out a way to help her, so I went to the package that I received at orientation on now to help people. Once I did that I was able to her understand the meanings of certain words.

Service Learning Journal #1

Feb. 11-Today I went to volunteer at the Minnesota Internship Charter School. I was a little hesitant as I was on my way to have my orientation and start tutoring. My fears were rather I would be able to actually relay the information well enough to the tutees. Sometime it is hard to explain something that you know to another person to help them. Once I arrived my boss made me feel at ease from the beginning and once I started tutoring it became easy. I tutored one girl who is around my age in read and comprehension and I was happy that at the end of the day I was happy that at the end of the day I was able to her with her homework.

March 13, 2008


I have learn many ways to present something in a way that will captivate my audience. By looking at various websites, magazines, etc I have noticed that when presenting a presentation one must choose a concept that will attract a person's attention. The use of color is crucial because if you use dull colors a person may become uninterested and if you use bright colors, they will attract someone's attention. Using attention getting templates is also a creative way to present something, especially if is is in a powerpoint. Also the font that you use and the size contributes to a good presentation that will maintain keeping the audience's attention. Also the way the presentor is speaking. Do not speak in monotone because people will become tired of listening to your dull voice. In the end just be creative when dealing with certain audiences. That's basically all I have to say on this topic.

March 5, 2008

Absorbing my surroundings artistically...

This Blog prompt has made me focus on the environment and how it surrounds and directs me everyday. I’ve noticed that when I am walking down the street I move at a pace in which my surroundings gives me. Since I am a musical and an artistic person I pay more attention to sound and visual atmosphere around me. In my opinion buildings give off a vibe and a ambience, which allows me to go about my day in a routine fashion. As I am walking I recognize a building on my way to wherever and it let’s me know where I am going. Also buildings make sounds that distinguish that indeed I am in a building familiar place. Where I am going with this for example, is that I like a blind person I see and feel with my senses and try to acknowledge my surrounds with feeling not sight. When people only look with their eyes they tend to look only at the surface because that is all they see, but when you use other senses a person can notice what is underneath, which allows us to experience life fully.

Looking at buildings in an artistic and musical way allows me to experience the building in a none physical way. Artistic I am looking to see what a building can be and not exactly what it already is metaphorically. Musically when I really explore a building I like to close my eyes and just listen to the beat of the walls, floors, etc. Just by listening I feel the presence and rhythm of a building and that allows me to understand the undertone of the building. Now the environment also tells me a lot about a building because over the years buildings change and adapt to their surroundings. Be it physically or absorbingly because sometimes a building gets lost in its environment. And connecting this my life it is the same thing sometimes I get lost in my environment and need remodeling to return to original person that I once was. This is why I am glad I’m more conscious of my surroundings because that is what has molded me into the aware person that is me.

February 28, 2008

No Constraints

If I was completely released of the architecture school program I really wouldn't know what to do because I am use to regulations. I gues I would design and help build vernacular building's and homes. This is pretending that I have graduated from the undergraduate program and working on my master's. I like how Samuel Mockbee buildt homes in places that needed them the most, not major cities or states. In my opinion people really don't focus on building up states like Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and other southern states. A lot of people don't want to go to southern states because of preconceptions that aren't nearly positive. I would build homes, businesses, etc that would expand those states without taking away from their southern charm.

I really believe in vernacular architecture, especially becasue it builds using a places natural resources. All of this production of materials used to build hurts the environment on a global stand point. I also want to use techniques from my favorite architect, Santiago Calatrava, to put an artistic view (spin) on my buildings. I want to design in the way of nature, body movement, and use styles from ancient Egyptian times. Using these techniques and styles, my rural-isque designing will enhance and be different. I would also design for non-profit organizations to give back to the community.

February 21, 2008

Promoting gender equality and women empowerment

1. Hit Em Up Style-Blu Cantrell 9. Bootylicious-Destiny's Child
2. I'm Good-Blaque 10. Fuck You Right Back-Frankee
3. Reflection-Christina Aguilera 11. Video-India Arie
4. Beautiful-Christina Aguilera 12. I Am Not My Hair-India Arie
5. Like a Boy-Ciara 13. Supergirl-Krystal Lewis
6. Stillettos (Pumps)-Crime Mob 14. That Thing-Lauryn Hill
7. Independent Women-Destiny's Child 15. Through the Rain-Mariah Carey
8. Survivor-Destiny's Child

"It was a very privileged life that we led with huge homes and scores of staff with everything looked after. Now the world has changed much more. There's a greater appreciation of each human being, being equal and entitled to the same opportunity, as well as an emphasis on human dignity. In those days there was much less dignity. I remember that the poorer people would greet the richer people by bending down and touching their feet, or prostrating them and throwing themselves on the feet, so it was a totally different kind of world and it has changed for the better in that sense."
--Benazir Bhutto

"When I was a very young child I remember I was always against violence. It was an era when people used to go shooting and hunting. I remember once coming out on the veranda in our home in the countryside -- and my father was teaching my brother to shoot a parrot and... I remember seeing the parrot fall down dead and bleed, and I remember being appalled by it. And I remember the parrot fluttering and I can't bear to see blood to this day or killing. I'm very much against war and conflict and the taking of life, and I think that seeing that little bird -- green and beautiful and living and chirping in the tree, and then falling down dead -- did have a profound effect. It sounds silly to say that I should feel so strongly about a bird, but I remember my father telling me when he was facing the death sentence that "I remember the little girl who cried so much because a bird died, how she must feel." So for me, human life is very, very sacred."
--Benazir Bhutto

Images links

My goal is to promote gender equality and empower women. All over the world women are seen as the lesser sex and this discrimination should not be occurring since we are in the 21st century. Women have been fighting for equality since the 1920s. Even in today’s society, especially in America women are still discriminated against in the work industry. A man is move likely to acquire an executive position than a woman and the woman could have ways to fix gender inequality not only in the employment industry, but also in general. In my opinion, the women in the middle east are the main one’s that suffers from gender in equality; this too needs to stop.

The images, songs, and quotes that I chose promote human equality, especially women. In the songs women are being told to stand up for themselves and don’t allow men to put the down emotionally or physically. Also the songs tell men that they cannot control women and their actions because we a independent and can take care of ourselves. The images links that I chose show statistics of the lack of women equality in the middle east. Finally, I chose Benazir Bhutto to quote because she was a women from Pakistan that did not allow the men in politics to stop her from voicing her opinion on women empower, human rights, etc. She has several books out that try to shed light on the Muslim community and promotes peace between nations. I love the way she was a powerful woman and she died standing up for her beliefs.

February 14, 2008

Air pollution...breathing continues to get harder!

Blog #2

There are many social issues in Minneapolis, but the one that stood out for me is air pollution. Since Minneapolis is a big city there is a plethora of things that cause air pollution. I for one believe that cars, industrial buildings, and smokers are some of the major causes. According to a online petition called Adopt the Sky, “ air pollution needs to be more advocated. Adopt the Sky was developed by Minneapolis agency space 150 for the national Earth justice project, to raise awareness about air quality issues.?

“Asthma affects 4.5 million U.S. children, contributing to 14 million U.S. children missed school each year. Minnesota alone has 76, 202 children and 221, 770 adults with asthma?(Bales). These statistics are mind blowing because people are always voicing their opinions on education and the “No Child Left Behind act.? This is bullshit for real because if that many people cared than something would be done about air pollution. We cannot control air pollution because of everyday life circumstances, but we ourselves can stop doing some of the things we’re doing. Okay I agree that more than likely the care issue probably won’t change because people like driving and buying vehicles. And note most people won’t buy hybrid cars, so what can you do. You cannot force someone to live a certain way. Some people say ride the bus, well I ride the bus and there are some crazy ass mofo’s that get on and off the bus. Plus, coming from Kansas City and now living in Minnesota, it is cold as hell standing on the bus stops, so if I had a car I would be driving a damn car too. Anyways…so if we must drive our cars then we should try to use them sparingly because we all breath the same air.

In my opinion smokers are some of the main air pollutants and it pisses me off. I’ve never been or seen so many smokers until I cam to the Minnesota. Everywhere I go someone is smoking and I have to hold my damn breath so I won’t have to inhale their contamination. I believe that smoking can be stopped and should be. That shit kills people and I don’t want to die from second hand smoke to put it drastically. And going back t my previous topic about people with asthma, a lot of parents smoke, choking he damn life out of their children because they are addicted to their cigarettes.

In my opinion, I believe people jus don’t give a fuck to put it bluntly about the planet and global warming. Everywhere you go you see signs telling you to go green and help save the planet. I really don’t see people buying energy efficient light bulbs, driving less, or even stop using cups from the coffee places. Everyday I see people come out of Starbucks drinking from their paper and plastic coffee cups and not recycling them either. I mean how hard is it to buy a dollar coffee cup and take it to the coffee place and have them pour you drink into the cup!!! Now with the energy sufficient light bulbs, if everyone used them he world would save up to 75% less energy and produce 75% less heat. Come on people change your damn light bulbs, in the end you’re saving money and the environment.

In connection with global warming, air pollution awareness is something we all must help change, especially smokers. Help fight the good fight because if the air got so contaminated where you could not breath I’m willing to bet that smokers would stop smoking! As for everyone else, let’s help save the planet by if possible buy hybrid cars, drive less, and consuming less because that takes up energy.

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February 6, 2008

Cities and the way we see them

This prompt made me think about the characteristics of small and large cities, especially the urban side. The energy, flow, and transformation differs depending on location and its size. Starting with a small city that is maybe under construction, the energy would not be as hype as a larger city that is more alive. Small town’s energy would be tame in a way and the flow would be slow pace. Cities hat do not have as many buildings and maybe not as industrialized as a large-scale city, its transformation would be intensified. Transformation “physically? would change the calm aspect and it would be modern and fast pace. With the adding of buildings and small town would become less fluid due to the lack of landscape and openness.

In contrast, the fluidity and the energy of a bigger city would profoundly be accelerated. For instance, in metropolitan like New York City, the atmosphere is always electric because of the people that constantly flood the sidewalks and streets. Also, a city like New York City, a place known for fashion, real estate, and everything extravagant; its energy would a potent force. Everyday people flock to New York City to have a new lifestyle and to be a part of the promiscuous essence of the night life. The fluidity of its way of life is magnetic, which is why people all over the world is drawn to it. Connecting to this idea of a place’s energy, transformation, and fluidity of architecture changes and person’s perspective of the of architecture pertaining to the ambiguous city life. Extravagant building’s and their lights draw a person to the architecture aspect of a building. Also in the end, the energy of a place inspires creativity in designing, which leads to great buildings. Depending on a place’s energy, it pumps people up and that is how transformation is born.