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Air pollution...breathing continues to get harder!

Blog #2

There are many social issues in Minneapolis, but the one that stood out for me is air pollution. Since Minneapolis is a big city there is a plethora of things that cause air pollution. I for one believe that cars, industrial buildings, and smokers are some of the major causes. According to a online petition called Adopt the Sky, “ air pollution needs to be more advocated. Adopt the Sky was developed by Minneapolis agency space 150 for the national Earth justice project, to raise awareness about air quality issues.?

“Asthma affects 4.5 million U.S. children, contributing to 14 million U.S. children missed school each year. Minnesota alone has 76, 202 children and 221, 770 adults with asthma?(Bales). These statistics are mind blowing because people are always voicing their opinions on education and the “No Child Left Behind act.? This is bullshit for real because if that many people cared than something would be done about air pollution. We cannot control air pollution because of everyday life circumstances, but we ourselves can stop doing some of the things we’re doing. Okay I agree that more than likely the care issue probably won’t change because people like driving and buying vehicles. And note most people won’t buy hybrid cars, so what can you do. You cannot force someone to live a certain way. Some people say ride the bus, well I ride the bus and there are some crazy ass mofo’s that get on and off the bus. Plus, coming from Kansas City and now living in Minnesota, it is cold as hell standing on the bus stops, so if I had a car I would be driving a damn car too. Anyways…so if we must drive our cars then we should try to use them sparingly because we all breath the same air.

In my opinion smokers are some of the main air pollutants and it pisses me off. I’ve never been or seen so many smokers until I cam to the Minnesota. Everywhere I go someone is smoking and I have to hold my damn breath so I won’t have to inhale their contamination. I believe that smoking can be stopped and should be. That shit kills people and I don’t want to die from second hand smoke to put it drastically. And going back t my previous topic about people with asthma, a lot of parents smoke, choking he damn life out of their children because they are addicted to their cigarettes.

In my opinion, I believe people jus don’t give a fuck to put it bluntly about the planet and global warming. Everywhere you go you see signs telling you to go green and help save the planet. I really don’t see people buying energy efficient light bulbs, driving less, or even stop using cups from the coffee places. Everyday I see people come out of Starbucks drinking from their paper and plastic coffee cups and not recycling them either. I mean how hard is it to buy a dollar coffee cup and take it to the coffee place and have them pour you drink into the cup!!! Now with the energy sufficient light bulbs, if everyone used them he world would save up to 75% less energy and produce 75% less heat. Come on people change your damn light bulbs, in the end you’re saving money and the environment.

In connection with global warming, air pollution awareness is something we all must help change, especially smokers. Help fight the good fight because if the air got so contaminated where you could not breath I’m willing to bet that smokers would stop smoking! As for everyone else, let’s help save the planet by if possible buy hybrid cars, drive less, and consuming less because that takes up energy.


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