All these stores are called Max!

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Maxi Ico, Max Hamburgares, Max everything! I think I would be very popular here in Sweden.

Tips for businesses to "fit in" in Sweden:

1. Put Max somewhere in the title of your business; Ikea is the outlier to this rule.

2. If you are selling a liquid, sell it in a tetrapak packaging. If you are selling a paste or any liquid of a thicker consistency, put it in a squeeze tube like toothpaste.

3. If you are selling clothes, just put naked mannequins outside your store.

4. REA! REA! Everything seems to be on sale... but is it? Slap these magic letters on your product.

5. Big box retailers: Give consumers a personal scanner so they can start checking out their items before they reach the checkout line! This is the coolest feature I think exists right now (but that may change if some big box retailers start to use RFID (radio-frequency Identification) chips in their products to checkout). These personal scanners are a major time-saver and make me feel like I'm in the future.

Grocery store scanner.jpg

For more information on these cool scanners, check out this page:

6. Speak English and Swedish. I think a prerequisite to working anywhere within 3 hours of Stockholm, or anywhere in the southern part of Sweden, is to speak English. With all jobs being highly competitive to hold, English is an essential skill.

7. Round to the nearest Kronor. Are there even half-Kronors? I mean, given 1 Kronor is about 1/6 of a Dollar, each Kronor is like a Quarter, but given that, it doesn't seem like there is much change. Everything is "21:-" or "70:-", which would be just like "$3.00" or "$10.00".

8. Include the tax in your product sale price. Everyone does it. Reveal how much the tax was at the end of the receipt, it will always be ~25%.

If you follow these rules, you can surely open a B-C business in Sweden.

Here's a picture of me, seducing the camera. I was eating Greek food in Stockholm

Classy Me.png

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