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God Jul! Christmas in Sweden!
Its Christmas in Sweden! I never thought I would spend a Christmas away from my family but I feel comfortable here and it has been a very warm Christmas (both emotionally as well as weather... The ground is green! There is no snow, someone might need to mow the lawn if the weather keeps up like this!). We have been eating lots of delicious Christmas foods, including marinated herring, pig's ass (ham), potatoes, BBQ ribs and Swedish Meatballs! Yummm. Also, the Christmas drink is Glögg, a hot wine, kinda tastes spicy.
Christmas is a time where family gets together and they eat tasty food, open presents and... watch Donald Duck! Watching a variety hour of Disney TV shows is a very popular, and mandatory tradition (they take their Kalle Anka very seriously!). Also, Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) is the most important day of Christmas, as that is when everyone gets together, eats, and Santa comes. On December 23rd, people watch and play bingo on TV. On December 25th, people typically will rest, and the young people go out and party and drink. December 25th is the most popular party day of the whole year. Needless to say, I celebrated this tradition, and I coincidentally had a tummy ache for the next day. December 26th is another popular day for celebrating Christmas with family, and the final day of Xmas.
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