January 21, 2009


Hi I am Kyla Roehrig. I am a senior and graduating in May. I have a double major in Business Marketing and Human Resource Development. I’m from Papillion, Nebraska. It is a small suburb of Omaha. I attended Papillion-LaVista High School. I was a three sport athlete competing in volleyball, basketball, and track. I came to the U on an athletic scholarship. I have loved every minute here. I’m not sure what I want to do when I graduate so I am trying to try things out. Since being an athlete all my life I haven’t had time to find a job. I have been a baby sitter and coached young athletes but nothing that is related to my major. This is my 4th year here and I would really live to find a job somewhere in Minnesota. Something unusual is that I am 6’5 and where a size 14 men’s shoe. Being 6’5 has its advantages while playing a college sport.

I became a regular web user when I was in the 8th grade. Our first computer was a 1995 Apple Computer. We didn’t have internet at first but my parents got internet once we got cable. When my parents bought the internet access you had to use your phone line to access it. I remember that my and my sister weren’t allowed to be on it longer than 15 minuets at a time. I was allowed to get an email account and also use aim at that age. I was on aim a lot talking to my friends. It was the cool thing to do. My first time online a pop up said that if I clicked here that I didn’t have to go to school anymore and I could get 1 million dollars. So I clicked it. Then the computer crashed and my parents had to give me a lesson about don’t click anything that you didn’t open and they also bought a virus protector. Now when I go online I check my email, facebook, and bank accounts. I use my computer more for school not and not pleasure.

What I like about the internet is that it is fast and convenient. Most of the time we have wireless access where ever we go and can get online. It’s a way to stay connected to my family who all live in Nebraska. Google was the most amazing creation ever. If I don’t know what to do or what a word is I go to Google and they give me list of list of information. What I don’t like about the internet is that anyone can access it. Being involved in some social networks there are many random people that try and contact me because they have seen me playing volleyball. I wish that you could use another name to play sports because if you were to Google my name volleyball articles come up and it is so easy to find me. I don’t think that I could live with out Google, email, facebook, and my bank accounts.

Over the 4 years that I have been in college my computer has crashed 3 times. All three times were during December and happened to be finals week. It was hard for me because I had an online class that I needed to finish not to mention all the papers that I lost and had to rewrite and send to professors. I feel like I have a curse on my computers I have now a back up hard drive and this semester it crashed so I don’t have much luck with computers. If I didn’t have a computer in this environment I think that it would be hard to communicate with everyone.