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Social Good Posters

I stumbled across this site called behance and it is a site for people to show off their design and such. There are a lot of examples of work for social good and this designer I believe has done a great job of using simple shapes and bright colors to produce an effective statement.


Color Theory

This reading was especially interesting to me as I am looking forward to learning more about color theory. I am really fascinated as to how different colors can signify such different things depending on the culture. The color wheels and some of the basic color theory was a nice refresher. It can be very helpful just to look at a color wheel when picking colors for a project. Color theory is definitely something I would be interested in learning more about.


I absolutely love advertisements from the mid to late 50's. I love the illustrated quality and the bright, eye-catching colors. I also like how everything is so glamorized. I think this style of advertising could be spun to add almost a satirical quality to a poster for public good. Plan59.com has some great and very numerous examples of this decadent advertising.

Reading Response 1

This reading was very interesting. I thought it was amazing how these designers took some fairly complex measures to convey a simple idea, without it looking overly complex or contrived. I like how the designers of the examples featured in the reading really went out of the norm to create a more stimulating piece on surfaces that can be so static. Such pieces as the cars glued to the billboard and the litmus paper billboard also really connect with the viewer and grab attention better.

What I'd Really Like to Know About Design

I would really like to know more about the effective application of color. I really love using color in my work and I'd love to know some more effective ways to incorporate it.

This is one site that I stumbled upon that I think is very interesting.


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