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Project 2 Progress

Mood Board

Influence of the Past on Today

Picture 3.png

This image draws from Art Deco in its simplification of shapes and clean overall appearance. By taking a classic-looking image and imposing a jarring action - taking off its head - it grabs the attention of a certain group of people and gives them an expectation of the mood of the event. This is sure to be a mind blowing concert.

Final Poster Design

Picture 2.png
The goal for this design was to show that despite contrasting cultures and religious views, we need to embrace the fact that we are all members of a global community. And as members of this community we need to work to find common ground in which to unite and create a peaceful world. By using the fingerprint and including the continents within it, it shows that despite a vast world, we all have common ground that links us together with all the people of the planet.

Feature Article Illustrations

Here is a website I found that shows the process an illustrator went through as he was creating the front cover and feature illustrations for an article.
Here is the section that talks about his process.
Here is a section that shows photo documentation of his process.

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