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Day 4

Having worked on my feet for 8 hours in the rain today, the last thing I felt like doing was running when I got home. So I went the other way once again and threw a steak on the grill and put my feet up. But at least I had a salad with my steak so it wasn't a complete loss. My item for today is a steak on the grill.

Day 3

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It was raining today, as in when I looked outside I could hardly see across the street raining. I also saw some die hard guy run past my house in these very same conditions. I am not one of those runners you see running in blizzards and hailstorms and torrential downpours. When its like that outside I sit on the couch. Luckily my roommate was home so we played Nintendo 64 for a solid 2 hours. A good alternative to running? I think so. So I think a Nintendo controller is an appropriate topic for today.

Day 2

Today I came to the realization on my run that the buttons on the stoplights for the crosswalk do absolutely nothing. Nothing but ruin my pace. Honestly I think it takes 3 times longer if I press the button than if I just stand there to wait for the light to change. I really don't think they're hooked up to anything. Even if they were hooked up to something what are they supposed to do anyway? So, my item for today is the crosswalk button.

Journal Day 1

So I decided my I would document the random thoughts and happenings while I run. I may add that 8 days is the greatest number of consecutive days I will have gone for a run. Ever. So this may be interesting. As I exited my driveway to begin my nearly 3 miles of exhaustion "Bang Bang" by K'naan came onto my iPod, and if for some reason it just cracked me up.I started laughing and I think my girlfriend who was running beside me thought I was on crack. So anyway that is my inspiration for today. Here's the song if you would like to listen.
05 Bang Bang (feat. Adam Levine).m4p

Grids for project 3

Picture 1-234.png

Picture 2-456.png

Layout Reading #2

This reading really made me rethink the layout of my design. It really gave white space more importance for me. The illustration below showing the white space (or lack thereof) really showed me that packing the info in is not necessarily always the best thing to do.
Picture 1-4.png
I thought the perception of the leading values of the different type faces was also quite interesting. I also think the aspect of having layers and texture will be important to my piece

Layout Readings 4/14

I really enjoyed the first reading, especially the design philosophies. The TIMTOWDI was one of my favorites because I think there really is more than one approach to every problem.KISS is always helpful as well. One of my other favorites was the python theory which is similar to this one and provides some insightful thoughts on design content.
Picture 1-2.png
The second reading was a great refresher on the use of the grid system. One aspect covered here I never really thought about was the increasing of column width the bigger the type. It was also nice to see the flexibility of the equal field grid.

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