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Layout Reading #2

This reading really made me rethink the layout of my design. It really gave white space more importance for me. The illustration below showing the white space (or lack thereof) really showed me that packing the info in is not necessarily always the best thing to do.
Picture 1-4.png
I thought the perception of the leading values of the different type faces was also quite interesting. I also think the aspect of having layers and texture will be important to my piece

Layout Readings 4/14

I really enjoyed the first reading, especially the design philosophies. The TIMTOWDI was one of my favorites because I think there really is more than one approach to every problem.KISS is always helpful as well. One of my other favorites was the python theory which is similar to this one and provides some insightful thoughts on design content.
Picture 1-2.png
The second reading was a great refresher on the use of the grid system. One aspect covered here I never really thought about was the increasing of column width the bigger the type. It was also nice to see the flexibility of the equal field grid.

Poster Anatomy Reading #3

Prior to this reading I had never seen a breakdown of how of the influence that brings us to arrive at certain ideas. I thought it was so interesting how so many designs from a nearly a century of design all contributed to the direction this designer went. I also admired the painstaking process the designer went through to make sure the design accomplished what he designed it to do. Prior to reading this, I myself used creased paper layouts for my posters without realizing that all of those posters influenced so many others, and therefore me to use that on my design.

Iranian Design

This reading was a very interesting look at design from another culture. I found it particularly interesting that the designers of Iran are primarily taught a more artistic approach and are basically left in the dark as far as how to get their designs to communicate any ideas in a way that is clear to the viewer. I also thought it was interesting how most of the design work is minimalistic and has a deconstructive aspect. I think this is due to the conflict all around them and the need for simplicity in a complex world. I think it will be interesting to see what new and exciting things the up and coming designers from Iran will come up with in the future.


This reading got me excited. I was just talking to my mom the other day about what I wanted to to with my degree once I graduated and I told her I wanted to help out non profit organizations with design. I don't know where it came from, it just kind of spilled out from my brain. The more I think of it, however, the more I really like the idea of helping out the little guy and doing something for a cause. It would be nice to do some corporate jobs to pay the bills, but I think designing for a cause has a lot of appeal to me.

Color Theory

This reading was especially interesting to me as I am looking forward to learning more about color theory. I am really fascinated as to how different colors can signify such different things depending on the culture. The color wheels and some of the basic color theory was a nice refresher. It can be very helpful just to look at a color wheel when picking colors for a project. Color theory is definitely something I would be interested in learning more about.

Reading Response 1

This reading was very interesting. I thought it was amazing how these designers took some fairly complex measures to convey a simple idea, without it looking overly complex or contrived. I like how the designers of the examples featured in the reading really went out of the norm to create a more stimulating piece on surfaces that can be so static. Such pieces as the cars glued to the billboard and the litmus paper billboard also really connect with the viewer and grab attention better.

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