November 10, 2004

What kinds of culture teaching ...

Valette, R.M. (1986). The culture test. In J.M. Valdes, Culture Bound: Bridging the cultural gap in language teaching. New York: Cambridge University Press.

The author asserts that there are four categories of cultural goals in the language classroom:
"developing a greater awareness of and a broader knowledge about the target culture" (p. 181)
"acquiring a command of the etiquette of the target culture" (p. 181)
"understanding differences between the target culture and the students' culture" (p. 181)
"understanding the values of the target culture" (p. 181)

When considering the setting of dual immersion language learning, it would follow that the learning of both languages would have these cultural goals, and that students would be learning these aspects of culture in a comparative process.

Posted by roge0229 at November 10, 2004 9:02 AM