November 14, 2004

Assessment criteria- What is a good assessment

IX Assessment

Rhodes, Nancy “Assessment Instruments for Immersion Students and Programs”, p117-132. Research and Practice in Immersion Education: Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Selected Conference Proceedings. CARLA Working Paper Series #10. 1998.

p.119 A good assessement:
A good assessment should encourage good instruction
A good assessment should be worth the instructional time devoted to it.
A good assessment should provide information relavant to the decisions being made with that assement.
A good assessment should enable students to demonstrate what they know and can do.
A good assessment should include tasks that cannot be assessed by the student in advance.
A good assessment should examine the processes by which the students attempt to solve the task.
Some assessments: CAL Oral Proficiency Exam, COPE
Immersion Second Language Writing Assessment (Spanish) writing assessment that involves writing process.
Immersion Oral Language Video Interview
Spanish Oral Proficiency Assessment, SOPA (grades 1-4 of COPE)
Student Oral Proficiency Rating (SOPR) Adapted from SOLOM, (Contact: Mr Malcom Young, Development Associates, Inc. 1730 N. Lynn Street, Arlington, VA 222-9-2023.

This article has teacher rating of each of these assessemnts

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October 5, 2004

CARLA on assessment

Here's a possible source of info about assessment in the field:

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