November 7, 2004


Meeting with Holly and Laurene about SIETAR

overarching issues:
How to meet the needs of our participants
“So what” question
Fitting the process we are working with in the larger picture
we need to simplify rather than elaborating the entire process from start-to-finish

Our program description (proposal) identifies:
Intercultural impact at many levels on many people

Expand policy process
Define policy
Focus on impact

Need articles list for participants to follow-up to get more information

1. Introduction (5 minutes)
Topic (overview of purpose/content/goals)

2. Policy cycle (from Dunn?)
-- analyzing the alternatives
Policy process steps (10 minutes)

3. Advocacy (10 minutes)
 definition
 relevance
 “so what”

Interaction segment (10 minutes):
3 discussion sub-groups (each group writes on flip chart)
What is the intercultural issue?
What are the stakeholders?
What are your challenges with that audience/context?

4. Contexts (20 minutes – 6 ½ min each)
Laurene – language teaching/learning
Chris – community agency
Holly – national policy setting
Tie in to internationalization

5. Taking it back home . . . What are your first steps? (10 minutes)
Review the policy process
Identify available resources
Analyzing the alternatives
Envisioning the future
-- relate back to each context (in rote, including Laurene, Chris, and Holly)

6. Questions? (10 minutes)

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