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Wentworth et al.

Wentworth, N., Erickson, L. B., Lawrence, B., Popham, J. A., & Korth, B. (2009). A paradigm shift toward evidence-based clinical practice: Developing a performance assessment. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 35(1), 16-20.

The Clinical Practice Assessment System (CPAS), developed in response to teacher preparation program accreditation requirements, represents a paradigm shift of one university toward data-based decision-making in teacher education programs. The new assessment system is a scale aligned with INTASC Standards, which allows for observation and evaluation of teacher candidate performance over time to show growth from novice to high level proficiency. This article describes the creation of the CPAS and examines results from its implementation in early childhood, elementary, and secondary programs in both early and capstone clinical experiences. Three years of implementation experiences have informed decisions on supervisory practices, program offerings and requirements, alignment of course outcomes, and understanding of strengths and weaknesses of individual licensure programs.