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Her dissertation:
A Bayesian Approach to the Use of Test Data for the Identification of Learning Disabled Elementary school-age children in a rural setting
TA Mehring - 1980 - University of Kansas, Special Education

Book: The Interaction of Selected Aptitude and Cognitive Style Measures with a Learning Strategies Intervention Used to Teach Self-questioning to Junior High School Learning Disabled Adolescents Mehring

Co-wrote book with Obiakor:
DISRUPTION, DISASTER, AND DEATH:Helping Students Deal with Crisis(Foster E. Obiakor, Teresa A. Mehring, and John O. Schwenn, 1997)

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She wrote a book chapter entitled Authentic assessment
Assessment and psychopathology issues in special education
Contributor: Rotatori, Anthony F. ; Schwenn, John O. ; Burkhardt, Sandra A. ;
Subjects: Psychodiagnostics ; Special education -- United States ;
Publisher: Greenwich, Conn. : JAI Press

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Strategies To Enhance Memory Based on Brain-Research. (EJ601390)
Banikowski, Alison K.; Mehring, Teresa A.
Focus on Exceptional Children, v32 n2 p1-16 Oct 1999
This article reviews the literature on three aspects of memory: (1) an information processing model of memory (including the sensory register, attention, short-term memory, and long-term memory); (2) instructional strategies designed to enhance memory (which stress gaining students' attention and active involvement); and (3) reasons why individuals forget.

Teacher Supply and Demand in Kansas Public Schools. Twentieth Annual Survey. (ED430911)
Tompkins, Loren; Mehring, Teresa A.; Hedstrom, Cora Z.; Switzer, Maggie
This annual report investigates Kansas' current teacher job market. Data came from surveys of superintendents from all 304 unified school districts, special education directors, directors of teacher education programs, and college placement directors. The nine sections are (1) Historical Perspective, (2) Sources of Data, (3) Relevance of Each Data Source to the Interpretation of Teacher Supply and Demand, (4) Reporting Data, (5) Teacher Supply and Demand, (6) Administrator Supply and Demand, (7) Perceptions of Special Education Teacher Supply and Demand, (8) The Effect of District Size on the Availability of Teaching Applicants, and (9) Summary and Recommendations. There is a surplus of qualified job seekers in elementary and physical education. The supply of applicants for social studies, educable mentally handicapped, reading, and assistant principal positions is adequate. A serious shortage remains across most of Kansas for music teachers and counselors. There is a serious shortage of teachers for the hearing impaired, physically impaired, gifted, and behavioral disordered and a serious shortage of physical therapists. All other fields in both regular and special education share a slight shortage statewide. A very serious shortage of substitute teachers exists in all areas of Kansas. Shortages are not consistent throughout Kansas. Generally, smaller rural districts are at a disadvantage when trying to attract applicants. A set of 50 tables comprises the bulk of this booklet.

Client Privacy and the School Counselor: Privilege, Ethics, and Employer Policies. (EJ460871)
Tompkins, Loren; Mehring, Teresa
School Counselor, v40 n5 p335-42 May 1993
Notes that number of school counselors are confused about issues of confidentiality. Discusses issues of privileged communication, confidentiality, and employer policies. Concludes with section on law, ethics, employer policy, and the counselor. Provides six recommendations for school counselors to use in their day-to-day practice to avoid conflict arising from moral, legal, or ethical transgressions.

Report Cards: What Do They Mean during the Elementary School Years. (EJ448360)
Mehring, Teresa; And Others
Reading Improvement, v28 n3 p162-68 Fall 1991
Examines the consistency of grade assignment by elementary personnel, finding wide variations. Shows greater consistency in assigning grades after training.

Motivation and Mildly Handicapped Learners. (EJ407021)
Mehring, Teresa A.; Colson, Steven E.
Focus on Exceptional Children, v22 n5 p1-14 Jan 1990
This paper discusses theories and techniques of motivation in the context of special education. Cognitive, need/drive and instinct theories are discussed, as are contributing factors such as self-concept and anxiety. Classroom techniques such as peer tutoring and intrinsic vs. extrinsic reinforcement are considered in terms of these theories.

Competency Testing and the International Student: A Common Sense Approach to Detecting Cultural Bias in Testing Instruments. (EJ396215)
Tompkins, Loren D.; Mehring, Teresa
Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, v17 n2 p72-78 Apr 1989
Conducted descriptive comparison of United States and international students to examine whether or not bias exists when norm-based proficiency tests are applied across national cultures. Examined competency test scores, grade point averages, and freshmen English and mathematics grades of American and international students. Results suggest that competency test examined unreasonably discriminated against non-native speakers, indicating bias.

Those Standardized Competency Examinations: What Do They Really Tell Us about Our Student Bodies? ASHE 1986 Annual Meeting Paper. (ED268872)
Tompkins, Loren D.; Mehring, Teresa
Scholastic and personal characteristics of students undertaking exit competency examinations are investigated. Research questions concerned: what the tests measure, whether the tests provide unique information or are duplicating other easily obtained measures, whether it is possible to increase the probability of student success by controlling early higher educational experiences, and whether a workable definition of competency can be inferred. Analysis was undertaken for 1,195 Kansas public university undergraduates who took the Pre-Professional Skills Tests in Math and English and the Nelson-Denny Reading Achievement Test. Information from transcripts was obtained on American College Testing Program scores, general education enrollment patterns, student classification, grade point average, and major. Based on multiple regression analysis, it was found that competency as defined by tests is a pure function of scholastic ability only at the extremes of the distribution, with personal factors manifesting increased importance in the definition of competency for the majority of the students involved. Included are suggested actions that can be taken by faculty, student service providers, and administrators in dealing with public demands for quality assurance.