What is a Expert in Finance ?

First, we must ask ourselves what is the meaning of Expert.

An expert is someone who possesses specialized knowledge on a particular subject or variety of topics. A financial expert is someone who is specifically skilled in analyzing data in the forms in input and giving his expert opinion based on his/her analysis. This is just a simple definition, and its open to interpretation.

The art of analyzing data and giving an opinion is difficult. Which is why we have in the finance world, people that are also sometimes called a 'Financial Adviser'. These can be people who help advising Personal Finance of individuals to consulting with big corporations. Frequently the best of these experts are on the news and TV channels such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News.

In my blog section, I will explore some of the Finance/Investing Advisers that I truly admire. Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you come back to read more.

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