When do we become self aware?

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The question I am explaining from this video is, "when do we become self aware?". This video was very interesting and explained some of the phenomena of the human mind that we tend to under appreciate. In order to discover whether someone is self aware or not they use what is called, the mirror recognition test. This test consists of placing a dot onto a child's face then placing them in front of a mirror. If they child immediately recognizes that the dot is there and moves there had to touch it, the child is thought to be self aware. The first time they tested a little boy and he did not notice the dot. The second time they tested it on a little girl who immediately recognized and removed the dot, passing the test and presumably considered to be self aware. They concluded that in humans between the ages of 18-24 months we become self aware. They also have tested this mirror recognition test on many animals and have found that the only ones with ability to pass it were chimpanzees and orangoutangs.


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