Hello Worlt.

Howdy. This is the first posting for my new Moveable Typo, Univerisyt of Minnesota personal blog. I'll use it mainly for testing the technology, and possibly posting photos or something like that.

If you have the misfortune of coming across my blog from search results, I'm probably not who you're looking for. He went thataway -->.

Do feel free to add nonsensical comments, though. Those would be appreciated. See how vulgar you can be, for example.


Howdy, Tim. it's goot to find someone who inhabits the same worlt as me. It's a toot to think about pushing my vulgarity limits, since I don't think I have any.

Let me post a couple more comments so I can see how they look.

It may sound unbelievable, but I put some Sacred Fried Ones in the oven, and then I forgot about them. Worlt it not for your perfect blog name, my house would have gone up in flames!

Did you notice that the text box is a little narrow? Although I love this template and how easy it is for my eye to separate one comment from the next.

I am going to ride my bick. All the say back to third grade and back again. Just like a panda in search of golden ice cream cones. Or something like that. What's the deal with pandas and their stuff anyway?

I think I habe coffee poisoningt. My veins have turned into mockingbirds and I can't seem to remember where I left my swimming gobbles.

Tim mentions his love of Audi's. He's currently rebuilding a '90's vintage machine, proving once again that there is a fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'.

What has happened to this worlt? It was there, you said "hello," and then it disappear -ed. It got all broked.

My comment is....let's test this tag cloud deal, yo.