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Today was rather uneventful.

Woke up and went through the daily motions of preparation. The the manner and hour in which I did (at 7 goddamn AM) could have been a little better.

I do not consider myself to be a morning person.

Was greeted by the active wind mixing with the still frigid air that is a Duluth morning trying to get into its Spring-time format. All the while with my still wet hair dangling and raging around my scalp every time a breeze picks up.

At this point in the year, long hair is a pain in the ass. Need to get a haircut.

As for the actual school day, not much can really be said. Went to American Government where we discussed the political world. Turned in a booklet design for Typography II and listened to the professor congratulate us on the overall design, but belittle us on our typographic mistakes. If one student stands out in error, misstep of the student, if everyone does, misstep of the professor. Just saying. Had to endure guest conductors in band. Fun time. Just kidding.

Overall, the academic day was what I expected. A slow and steady build up of annoyances that formulate into something worth complaining about, but dissipating before really getting any attention.

Maybe this is pessimistic because I just woke up from a nap and I've still got that "damn you all" feeling one has when being suddenly awakened from a nice slumber.

I did have lunch and a subsequent hike through the woods with my friends. That was enjoyable and definitely the high point of the day's arc.

Spent the rest of the evening watching the Twins game with my roommate. Foraged around the kitchen for anything worthwhile. I still have enough mashed potatoes to feed 16 people (according to the helpful guide on the back).

Missed the first run of South Park and the Daily Show. Missing the Colbert Report now. Will probably catch them on their second path on the airwaves around 12am.

Still wishing I was asleep.

Project 3 - Maggie's Farm inDesign file

Project 3 - Readings

Reading 1

Within a couple pages the chapter shows us that design is alive, reactive and evolving. It goes through stages, phases, etc. and imitates the traditions of the society as a whole.

Something that stood out to me specifically is a quote on page 34. It is a statement by Dieter Rams and reads, "to me a good design as little as possible. Simple is better than complicated." I agree wholeheartedly with this statement because it its base roots, design is about sending a message simply and effectively. I also find that many of designs take a minimalist approach (at least that's what I market myself as, maybe I'm just lazy. Up for discussion).

The article then spends some breadth discussing the math aspect behind design. The most notable of these being the rule of thirds and the golden mean. Nothing new, but good reference.

Reading 2

This chapter deals chiefly with the use of grids as means for communicating and information organization within text.

It is interesting to see how the grid is used to grab and guide people's attention (especially the red head passionately grabbing her breast on pg. 59. Good attention grabber).

It surprised me to see how much a serif with sans-serif fonts can create such distinguishing text. Especially in readability.

The rule of thumb of the more grids and columns one has the more choices there are available to them is an interesting aspect that I will most definitely (within reason) employ in Project 3.

Enlightening, to say the least.
B -
3 out 4 stars
Certified "fresh"

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