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entry 8

I wish to explain why, almost like clockwork, these entries appear a day after the contained events are described.

It's the simple fact that one never knows when something interesting is about to happen, so why blog/journal/report about it when the day isn't thoroughly through yet? After a good night's sleep (for the most part), it's a little easier to recall the past day's events.

So that's that for you, the reader.

WEDNESDAY! The 8th day. The last day and with the epic climax to the epic saga that was Romani's 8-day general day summation.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo where Mexicans celebrate their victory over the vastly superior French army at the Battle of Puebla. Likewise, everywhere across the U.S., Americans celebrate yet another day for an excuse for drinking.

I must confess that I fell into that demographic, but find comfort for being able to tell people Cinco de Mayo is actually about. Some redemption...right?

We will come to that tale after the recap of the day's events prior to the celebrating:

Nothing happened-- okay! back to the celebration--

It is about 5pm and I sit rather stoically in my apartment when all of a sudden my roommate busts in with an entourage of our other friends from the Oakland apartments declaring that we will, and I'll try to quote him exactly, "GET FUCKED UP!"

Realizing it's not even hinting at getting dark I tell him I'll hold off. It's a self principle of mine to try to not drink when there's still light. More for the fact that law enforcement has a harder time seeing me stumble in the dark as opposed to the light, but I want to avoid alcoholism as well.

Fast forward 2 hours and a couple of ramen packets later (I have a lot of ramen), and I notice the sun begins its ritual down past the Bagley Nature Area hill. Time to get started.

2 of my friends (roommate included) started drinking two hours ago and are already on the drunk-express, while 3 others (myself included) start to dive in.

We do it right with some chilled (cheap) tequila. I have about two of those before my brain, liver, taste buds, all supervised by the brain tell me that tequila is not the road to happiness this day. So I grab some keystone lights (we're on a budget) and continue my crusade.

4 hours later and the 2 who started drinking first are keeping steady pace with us who are now the CrAzY ones. We realize we're making a bit too much noise from the glaring looks I get from my 2 Chinese roommates as they go from their rooms to the kitchen.

Poor guys, having to deal with us like this. I offer them a drink but they kindly refuse. They spit on my olive branch! So be it. We continue to drink.

This spiteful drinking keeps up for about half an hour before we catch wind of a Cindo de Mayo party somewhere out in the world (I didn't listen to the details, I had a drink in my hands! --> drunk logic at work).

After another half hour of sleuthing we find a willing driver to ferry our drunk selves to said party. We arrive and are immediately greeted by several girls screaming "TEQUILA SHOTS WOOOOOO!!!" and then grimace as they take them.

We walk inside and the house has an impressive room-to-room sound system blaring the best mariachi music this side of the Rio Grande.

Amid the throng of college students can be spotted various isalnds of sombreros that stay less than 5 seconds on a head before either being grabbed or passed on.

The party goes as a party should, meaningless talk and banter to people who you don't really care about but for the moment you will. More drinks. Always more drinks. I would venture a guess that this all took place around 2-3am, but just my luck, my class the very same day starts at 1pm (and I woke up well rested). It's nice when I play my cards right.

I'm rather stumbly at this moment and manage to sit still long enough to have a sombrero placed on my head. HA! I have to keep it. I'm protective when inebriated.

I make some more rounds around the house. The music's switched from mariachi to generic rap/hip-hop/all together bad music. More drinks. Always more drinks.

Then black.

From what I could remember and gather from my friends later the next day (today) is that one of our own got into a dispute over a beer pong match and started SUCH a ruckus that we were "asked" to leave and with sombrero still atop my head, but before I left through the door I asked in a Mexican voice if anyone wanted to ride with Pancho Villa.

I'll take their word for it. And I kept the sombrero.

entry 7

Tuesday was a, for lack of a better phrase, good flow.

Everything just seemed to fit.

In my Art history class we were surprised and rewarded with Dominos pizza. Frosting on the cake because all we have to do in that class now is just show up and listen to Art history majors' presentations.

Side note: a girl giving her presentation would NOT stop saying "you know?" So on the peer evaluation I ended every sentence with "-you know?" I can't help it when I spite people.

With all that said and done I grabbed some down time before my GD class and read some more chapters in my book Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. Third book in the original Dune series. Absolutely wonderful books. If you have some spare time pick up the first (Dune) and enjoy some fantastic writing and story telling.

Off to GD!

Looking around I noticed some of my peers were farther along the process than I was (and liked to be), so I quickly reviewed my journal subject and overlying theme and started to put items together.

Choosing a nice, clean, open sans serif font (Futura), I made some minimalist images to better summarize the day's happenings. I had used Futura with a past project (typography 1) in which we had to make image out of type. I choose to do three Beatles songs (Fool on the Hill, Strawberry Fields, and Because) and make images that went along with the song. Much to my professor's amazement (Steve Bardolph), I actually pulled it off and with flying colors! So much so that Steve agreed to bring in the Beatles Rock Band and we played it all class period on our last, official day.

Ah, past memories.

Leaving GD I headed back to my apartment and invited my girlfriend over where I made some pork chops for our dinner. I wrapped a couple of the 'chops in bacon. A guilty pleasure which I couldn't help making a couple of Islamic and Jewish dietary jokes about.

I think one of the jokes went thus:

If the Jews and Muslims could only eat bacon. I mean you're never angry when you're eating bacon. You say to yourself "Man! This bacon is AWESOME!" Either that or you feel guilty about, but can't suppress the feeling and have more bacon.

Caught the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report, which my roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed. Debated and discussed said programs with said issues.

Went to bed early[er] than usual (12:03am as opposed to 1:45am)

Laughs and literature aside, Tuesday all together flowed well.

entry 6


I awoke bright and early at the hastening hour of 7am. The weather wasn't too cold and the wind was minimal and the wait at the bus stop was altogether not bad. I took it as an omen of good fortune.

My government class went well. Finally got back a paper I had written for it 3 weeks ago. The work achieved a B+ but given the severity in which my professor graded all the papers (a point he repeatedly made as well as his disgust in our generation's writing abilities), I feel as if it was an A. Success!

Caught a half hour of down time in library before heading off to Typography to update Janice and the class on my 4th project.

The goal of which is to make some experimental typography. Either find it somewhere or make it out of something within the world. My winning idea was to spell the word "missing" with socks (and have them placed near a dryer) but have it "mis ing" for reasons any laundromat owner could tell you.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Apart from myself, only one other classmate had really put forth anything physical for viewing. A couple others had their ideas, but everyone else was a deer in oncoming traffic; dazed and confused. I think the fact that I went first cast everyone else in a bad light. Oh well. Their fault.

Checking my e-mail I noticed that my concert band class was canceled for the day and after picturing myself give my other self a high five, I packed up my belongings and headed to the library. Once there, I proceeded to read chapter 16 in my macro economics book which dealt with the monetary and fiscal policy effects on a Phillip's curve. Fascinating to say the least. . . . .Fighting off sleep and boredom and gradually trekked my way through the sometimes incoherent ramblings of the book's authors.

After that task was finished the rest of the day was really for leisure. I played an online game with a couple of my friends in which we competed against other players. We had our asses handed to us thoroughly, but had fun in the process.

At an early dinner of chicken flavored ramen. Caught an almost 20 year old rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation (I'm starting to feel aged). Ate some Buffalo Wild Wings leftovers that my girlfriend deemed unworthy for her digestive tract and found myself laying down recanting the days events with a tongue-in-cheek attitude.


entry 5

Was on the road all day Sunday, so naturally I didn't have a chance to get to a computer, and was busy all day with class work.

But here, at last, I have time.

Sunday was the day my dad and I spent a good 3 hours diagnosing and reviving the heap of metal and silicon I call my PC.

For some reason, misfortune seems to befall my computing habits and almost like clockwork, every 6-months to a year my PC finds itself in the midst of a horrible state.

This time it was imply that some hardware had gotten to the end of its life and stopped working properly. Not a big deal in most respects and my dad has enough spare components to keep many developing countries afloat, but this piece in question was the boot drive.

Instead of just dying and rolling over so as to let the next hardrive in, a boot drive (when it dies) takes out a grenade and runs into the nearest PC-civilian and detonates. The boot drive not only croaked and failed but also took chunks of my other harddrikves (I have multiple for a large amount of space).

So my dad and I, mostly my dad, waded through generic windows configuration screens, scrounging for user's manuals, and sifting through seemingly endless amounts of code to salvage what we could.

Once that arduous task was completed it was a simple transplant of parts. Made the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7. I'm liking it so far. A little flashy and annoying, but nothing I can't learn to deal with.

After that was done, made the trip on up to Duluth and was dead tired. Made some spaghetti, ate some spaghetti, spilled some spaghetti, cursed at some spaghetti and watched a movie at which point I rolled over and slept.


entry 4


Did a lot of manual labor today. Helped father clean out and rearrange his storage facility for -= MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY =- that's a fun phrase.

I also broke habit of waking up either regretting the very act or the night's previous acts that led up to my waking up.

If anything my attitude this morning was that of the upbeat part of the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" (woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb acr-- you know it)

Back to the manual labor-- I just cracked my back and it felt wonderful-- now really back to the manual labor.

I am a fan of the Dune book series by Frank Herbert. I have recently finished the 2nd book in the series and found it an opportune time to raid my dad's storage to find the other books (he has a small library's worth of literature stacked away).

The book in question is called "Children of Dune" (Dune --> Dune Messiah --> Children of Dune --> yay). I also grabbed the rest of the series as well as Arthur C. Clark's masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. I like science fiction. Blame the parents I guess.

With the books packed neatly we proceeded to dismantle the storage. A rather productive and uneventful time with the exception of the two of us falling over a lawn mower as we carried 2 mattresses and almost sparking a domino effect of destruction from all the 20-50 year old junk we knocked over.

I venture a guess that 10% (and that's generous) of the items in my father's storage even have a use today. Pack rats baffle me.

With a few scratches and bruises we "successfully" cleaned out and rearranged a cornucopia of shit. Thumbs up.

My dad rewarded the day's venture with dinner at Timberlodge Steak House reaffirming the time-renowned fact of hard work pays off-- I mean, free food is the best food. Yeah. That one.

entry 3

The last entry left off 6:52 am and this entry will continue there.

I didn't trust myself to get up on time as my alarm would have me do (the fact I actually set it up while drunk shows my heart was in the right place, but my mind was elsewhere).

I find myself [hungover] in my government class where the light and rather obnoxious laugh of the professor cause my senses to scream in agony.

The professor has trouble with the lights and proceed to give us a light show trying to figure out which switches work. My eyes hate me.


The cascading "Ha" pronunciation resonates in my head and only furthers the tight and dizzying feeling between my ears.

Don't pity me, it's 80% my fault I'm in this situation (15% my friends, they could have slapped the beers out of my hand...bastards. 5% the birthday boy's. A day earlier or later in birth and I wouldn't have this problem)

Class ends and I get a brief moment of peace.

Off to band, or in this situation: END GAME

Long story short it was hell and I curse alcohol and all it stands for.

1:10pm I crash into my bed and take myself a nap. I don't usually take naps, but this week has been THE week to nap apparently.

3:20pm my girl friend calls and reminds me that we are going home this weekend and that I had better have my ass infront of the Stadium ready to go. She's not very patient....for good reasons.

We're on the road jammin' and singin' to the Beatles. She's sneaks in some Lady Ga Ga and I counter with some Beethoven sonatas. We fight via music. The 2 hour 30 min. car ride goes surprisingly fast when you're in musical combat.

I arrive at my dad's apartment where he greets me and asks what I want for dinner.

I say steak?
He says steak!
We eat steak.

The rest of the evening and night is spent commentating and debating on politics, a Cubs vs. Twins, and history. A solid night.

I read around 1am and drift soundly to sleep.

entry 2

I've been journaling on pieces of paper that have been nearby for either ease or the fact that I'm lazy and have just now gotten around to throwing them up onto my blog.

Thursday. Thursday. Thursday? Thursday.

It is an odd day that takes a while for itself to finally hit its stride. At least with me.

I begin my day waking up at 10:00 am and then hitting the snooze alarm on my phone for the next hour to an hour and a half. It's amazing what difference 30 minutes of light rest can have on the rest of your day.

Finally built up enough energy to roll out of bed--

Side note: my roommate also goes through a ritual similar to mine in that he sets his alarm at around 9-10am and then proceeds to hit the snooze every 10-15 minutes. Imagine if you will the two of us peering out of our cotton sanctuaries slapping our alarms like clockwork for a few of those "5 more minutes..." of sleep. Makes me laugh.

-- I digress. I shower, eat, etc. and head to class.

I learn about baroque and rococo art in my art history class. I grab some downtime to prepare for Graphic Design 1 and then head off to get the next step / assignment.

Today wasn't all that different and at 6pm I found myself once again in my bed. It smells a little....meh. My nose adjusts. My bed, my smell, I can deal with it.

I caught wind of a friend's birthday and hastily gather a crudely made card (with some typographic flare-- gotta apply what I learn in the classroom, right?). I wrangle up some friends and head on out to my friends house where I discover a party already in full swing.

At this time it is 8:06pm.

I remember I have an 8am class tomorrow which I MUST go to, so I swear to all present that I, Cristofo Romani, will not drink in the presence of a party. Those present laugh.

It is 8:30pm - 1st beer done. I'm surprised I lasted this long.

It is 9:27pm - To hell with it.

It is 12:05am - asdfaniu44wF4wf

It is 6:52am - well I failed the mission, but awoke in time to win the war. I make it to my 8am class.

A routine that spiraled into broken and drunken vows. I give this Thursday a B+

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