entry 2

I've been journaling on pieces of paper that have been nearby for either ease or the fact that I'm lazy and have just now gotten around to throwing them up onto my blog.

Thursday. Thursday. Thursday? Thursday.

It is an odd day that takes a while for itself to finally hit its stride. At least with me.

I begin my day waking up at 10:00 am and then hitting the snooze alarm on my phone for the next hour to an hour and a half. It's amazing what difference 30 minutes of light rest can have on the rest of your day.

Finally built up enough energy to roll out of bed--

Side note: my roommate also goes through a ritual similar to mine in that he sets his alarm at around 9-10am and then proceeds to hit the snooze every 10-15 minutes. Imagine if you will the two of us peering out of our cotton sanctuaries slapping our alarms like clockwork for a few of those "5 more minutes..." of sleep. Makes me laugh.

-- I digress. I shower, eat, etc. and head to class.

I learn about baroque and rococo art in my art history class. I grab some downtime to prepare for Graphic Design 1 and then head off to get the next step / assignment.

Today wasn't all that different and at 6pm I found myself once again in my bed. It smells a little....meh. My nose adjusts. My bed, my smell, I can deal with it.

I caught wind of a friend's birthday and hastily gather a crudely made card (with some typographic flare-- gotta apply what I learn in the classroom, right?). I wrangle up some friends and head on out to my friends house where I discover a party already in full swing.

At this time it is 8:06pm.

I remember I have an 8am class tomorrow which I MUST go to, so I swear to all present that I, Cristofo Romani, will not drink in the presence of a party. Those present laugh.

It is 8:30pm - 1st beer done. I'm surprised I lasted this long.

It is 9:27pm - To hell with it.

It is 12:05am - asdfaniu44wF4wf

It is 6:52am - well I failed the mission, but awoke in time to win the war. I make it to my 8am class.

A routine that spiraled into broken and drunken vows. I give this Thursday a B+

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