entry 3

The last entry left off 6:52 am and this entry will continue there.

I didn't trust myself to get up on time as my alarm would have me do (the fact I actually set it up while drunk shows my heart was in the right place, but my mind was elsewhere).

I find myself [hungover] in my government class where the light and rather obnoxious laugh of the professor cause my senses to scream in agony.

The professor has trouble with the lights and proceed to give us a light show trying to figure out which switches work. My eyes hate me.


The cascading "Ha" pronunciation resonates in my head and only furthers the tight and dizzying feeling between my ears.

Don't pity me, it's 80% my fault I'm in this situation (15% my friends, they could have slapped the beers out of my hand...bastards. 5% the birthday boy's. A day earlier or later in birth and I wouldn't have this problem)

Class ends and I get a brief moment of peace.

Off to band, or in this situation: END GAME

Long story short it was hell and I curse alcohol and all it stands for.

1:10pm I crash into my bed and take myself a nap. I don't usually take naps, but this week has been THE week to nap apparently.

3:20pm my girl friend calls and reminds me that we are going home this weekend and that I had better have my ass infront of the Stadium ready to go. She's not very patient....for good reasons.

We're on the road jammin' and singin' to the Beatles. She's sneaks in some Lady Ga Ga and I counter with some Beethoven sonatas. We fight via music. The 2 hour 30 min. car ride goes surprisingly fast when you're in musical combat.

I arrive at my dad's apartment where he greets me and asks what I want for dinner.

I say steak?
He says steak!
We eat steak.

The rest of the evening and night is spent commentating and debating on politics, a Cubs vs. Twins, and history. A solid night.

I read around 1am and drift soundly to sleep.

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