entry 5

Was on the road all day Sunday, so naturally I didn't have a chance to get to a computer, and was busy all day with class work.

But here, at last, I have time.

Sunday was the day my dad and I spent a good 3 hours diagnosing and reviving the heap of metal and silicon I call my PC.

For some reason, misfortune seems to befall my computing habits and almost like clockwork, every 6-months to a year my PC finds itself in the midst of a horrible state.

This time it was imply that some hardware had gotten to the end of its life and stopped working properly. Not a big deal in most respects and my dad has enough spare components to keep many developing countries afloat, but this piece in question was the boot drive.

Instead of just dying and rolling over so as to let the next hardrive in, a boot drive (when it dies) takes out a grenade and runs into the nearest PC-civilian and detonates. The boot drive not only croaked and failed but also took chunks of my other harddrikves (I have multiple for a large amount of space).

So my dad and I, mostly my dad, waded through generic windows configuration screens, scrounging for user's manuals, and sifting through seemingly endless amounts of code to salvage what we could.

Once that arduous task was completed it was a simple transplant of parts. Made the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7. I'm liking it so far. A little flashy and annoying, but nothing I can't learn to deal with.

After that was done, made the trip on up to Duluth and was dead tired. Made some spaghetti, ate some spaghetti, spilled some spaghetti, cursed at some spaghetti and watched a movie at which point I rolled over and slept.


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