entry 6


I awoke bright and early at the hastening hour of 7am. The weather wasn't too cold and the wind was minimal and the wait at the bus stop was altogether not bad. I took it as an omen of good fortune.

My government class went well. Finally got back a paper I had written for it 3 weeks ago. The work achieved a B+ but given the severity in which my professor graded all the papers (a point he repeatedly made as well as his disgust in our generation's writing abilities), I feel as if it was an A. Success!

Caught a half hour of down time in library before heading off to Typography to update Janice and the class on my 4th project.

The goal of which is to make some experimental typography. Either find it somewhere or make it out of something within the world. My winning idea was to spell the word "missing" with socks (and have them placed near a dryer) but have it "mis ing" for reasons any laundromat owner could tell you.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure: http://imgur.com/t4fXl.jpg

Apart from myself, only one other classmate had really put forth anything physical for viewing. A couple others had their ideas, but everyone else was a deer in oncoming traffic; dazed and confused. I think the fact that I went first cast everyone else in a bad light. Oh well. Their fault.

Checking my e-mail I noticed that my concert band class was canceled for the day and after picturing myself give my other self a high five, I packed up my belongings and headed to the library. Once there, I proceeded to read chapter 16 in my macro economics book which dealt with the monetary and fiscal policy effects on a Phillip's curve. Fascinating to say the least. . . . .Fighting off sleep and boredom and gradually trekked my way through the sometimes incoherent ramblings of the book's authors.

After that task was finished the rest of the day was really for leisure. I played an online game with a couple of my friends in which we competed against other players. We had our asses handed to us thoroughly, but had fun in the process.

At an early dinner of chicken flavored ramen. Caught an almost 20 year old rerun of Star Trek: The Next Generation (I'm starting to feel aged). Ate some Buffalo Wild Wings leftovers that my girlfriend deemed unworthy for her digestive tract and found myself laying down recanting the days events with a tongue-in-cheek attitude.


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