entry 7

Tuesday was a, for lack of a better phrase, good flow.

Everything just seemed to fit.

In my Art history class we were surprised and rewarded with Dominos pizza. Frosting on the cake because all we have to do in that class now is just show up and listen to Art history majors' presentations.

Side note: a girl giving her presentation would NOT stop saying "you know?" So on the peer evaluation I ended every sentence with "-you know?" I can't help it when I spite people.

With all that said and done I grabbed some down time before my GD class and read some more chapters in my book Children of Dune by Frank Herbert. Third book in the original Dune series. Absolutely wonderful books. If you have some spare time pick up the first (Dune) and enjoy some fantastic writing and story telling.

Off to GD!

Looking around I noticed some of my peers were farther along the process than I was (and liked to be), so I quickly reviewed my journal subject and overlying theme and started to put items together.

Choosing a nice, clean, open sans serif font (Futura), I made some minimalist images to better summarize the day's happenings. I had used Futura with a past project (typography 1) in which we had to make image out of type. I choose to do three Beatles songs (Fool on the Hill, Strawberry Fields, and Because) and make images that went along with the song. Much to my professor's amazement (Steve Bardolph), I actually pulled it off and with flying colors! So much so that Steve agreed to bring in the Beatles Rock Band and we played it all class period on our last, official day.

Ah, past memories.

Leaving GD I headed back to my apartment and invited my girlfriend over where I made some pork chops for our dinner. I wrapped a couple of the 'chops in bacon. A guilty pleasure which I couldn't help making a couple of Islamic and Jewish dietary jokes about.

I think one of the jokes went thus:

If the Jews and Muslims could only eat bacon. I mean you're never angry when you're eating bacon. You say to yourself "Man! This bacon is AWESOME!" Either that or you feel guilty about, but can't suppress the feeling and have more bacon.

Caught the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report, which my roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed. Debated and discussed said programs with said issues.

Went to bed early[er] than usual (12:03am as opposed to 1:45am)

Laughs and literature aside, Tuesday all together flowed well.

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