entry 8

I wish to explain why, almost like clockwork, these entries appear a day after the contained events are described.

It's the simple fact that one never knows when something interesting is about to happen, so why blog/journal/report about it when the day isn't thoroughly through yet? After a good night's sleep (for the most part), it's a little easier to recall the past day's events.

So that's that for you, the reader.

WEDNESDAY! The 8th day. The last day and with the epic climax to the epic saga that was Romani's 8-day general day summation.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo where Mexicans celebrate their victory over the vastly superior French army at the Battle of Puebla. Likewise, everywhere across the U.S., Americans celebrate yet another day for an excuse for drinking.

I must confess that I fell into that demographic, but find comfort for being able to tell people Cinco de Mayo is actually about. Some redemption...right?

We will come to that tale after the recap of the day's events prior to the celebrating:

Nothing happened-- okay! back to the celebration--

It is about 5pm and I sit rather stoically in my apartment when all of a sudden my roommate busts in with an entourage of our other friends from the Oakland apartments declaring that we will, and I'll try to quote him exactly, "GET FUCKED UP!"

Realizing it's not even hinting at getting dark I tell him I'll hold off. It's a self principle of mine to try to not drink when there's still light. More for the fact that law enforcement has a harder time seeing me stumble in the dark as opposed to the light, but I want to avoid alcoholism as well.

Fast forward 2 hours and a couple of ramen packets later (I have a lot of ramen), and I notice the sun begins its ritual down past the Bagley Nature Area hill. Time to get started.

2 of my friends (roommate included) started drinking two hours ago and are already on the drunk-express, while 3 others (myself included) start to dive in.

We do it right with some chilled (cheap) tequila. I have about two of those before my brain, liver, taste buds, all supervised by the brain tell me that tequila is not the road to happiness this day. So I grab some keystone lights (we're on a budget) and continue my crusade.

4 hours later and the 2 who started drinking first are keeping steady pace with us who are now the CrAzY ones. We realize we're making a bit too much noise from the glaring looks I get from my 2 Chinese roommates as they go from their rooms to the kitchen.

Poor guys, having to deal with us like this. I offer them a drink but they kindly refuse. They spit on my olive branch! So be it. We continue to drink.

This spiteful drinking keeps up for about half an hour before we catch wind of a Cindo de Mayo party somewhere out in the world (I didn't listen to the details, I had a drink in my hands! --> drunk logic at work).

After another half hour of sleuthing we find a willing driver to ferry our drunk selves to said party. We arrive and are immediately greeted by several girls screaming "TEQUILA SHOTS WOOOOOO!!!" and then grimace as they take them.

We walk inside and the house has an impressive room-to-room sound system blaring the best mariachi music this side of the Rio Grande.

Amid the throng of college students can be spotted various isalnds of sombreros that stay less than 5 seconds on a head before either being grabbed or passed on.

The party goes as a party should, meaningless talk and banter to people who you don't really care about but for the moment you will. More drinks. Always more drinks. I would venture a guess that this all took place around 2-3am, but just my luck, my class the very same day starts at 1pm (and I woke up well rested). It's nice when I play my cards right.

I'm rather stumbly at this moment and manage to sit still long enough to have a sombrero placed on my head. HA! I have one...now to keep it. I'm protective when inebriated.

I make some more rounds around the house. The music's switched from mariachi to generic rap/hip-hop/all together bad music. More drinks. Always more drinks.

Then black.

From what I could remember and gather from my friends later the next day (today) is that one of our own got into a dispute over a beer pong match and started SUCH a ruckus that we were "asked" to leave and with sombrero still atop my head, but before I left through the door I asked in a Mexican voice if anyone wanted to ride with Pancho Villa.

I'll take their word for it. And I kept the sombrero.

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