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Anotomy of a Design: Robot Nixon

In my recent wanderings of a website called (a fabulous way to see the workings and goings-on of the internet), I stumbled across this comedic gem that plays off of contemporary headache as well as past ones.

The design is playing off of the now (in[?])famous "HOPE" Obama poster. The heading to the link to the picture read, "Fuck it. I'm done with all this Ron Paul and Obama bullshit. I know who I'm voting for next year." A fitting statement given recent kindergarten tactics employed by Congress.

The above caption "Seek Attack Destroy" plays off of this reborn Robot Nixon, but also hints at his term that many would call a "Seek Attack Destroy" time for American politics. Even the below caption "May death come swiftly to his enemies" plays off of the headache an outspoken opponent would ultimately feel when locking horns with Nixon.

It's Nixon as a calculating, cold, efficient killing machine-- AGAIN!

...and if you're interested:

International Design: Japan

In response to a blog post concerning international design, I found a quaint article discussing some base, fundamental principles behind Japanese designs:

I took notice of the "Contemporary" section. This form of design took off in Japan during the early 1950's, and while the article doesn't necessarily say why, but from my well rounded sense of history, I think it came about as a response to post-war reconstruction. Especially in the wake of the two nuclear bombs and the birth of the atomic age. Godzilla is testament enough to that claim.

It's interesting to see how our forms of art play off and transform after prolonged periods of violence / war.

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