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Further pursuing a word that expresses an idea of "oneness" I chose to go with "harmony."

It works rather well.

I was also intrigued by various aspects of harmony; definitions, applications. To see what I'm talking about, take a gander at the wikipedia article concerning harmony.


Further research...

I typed "world peace poster" into Google, clicked search, switched to images, and started to sift through what I saw.

First off I noted to the avid color use exectued by most of these designs; our world is rather colorful, makes sense to capitalize (a fun word to use given the situation) on that facet.

Here are three poster designs that especially caught my eye. Either for color or subject composition. I intent to incorporate some elements of these designs into my own:

and this one for some laughs:

Design for Social Good

While looking for inspiration, an angle, look, feel and so on for the upcoming project I was happy to stumble across this link (helpfully provided via the teacher's blog).

9 people whose mission it is to get a positive social message across by means of design. This isn't necessarily a new idea. Using designs to further someone's agenda is an age old practice, but the audience and ideologies used here are what caught my attention.

A good sight for any with a knack for creativity wishing to do something meaningful.

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